Weather Network predicts -48°C for Monday

I don't have the complete temperature history in front of me, but I'd say that -48°C in early November is likely to break a record or two. And that's the high predicted for Monday -- the low is expected to be -53°C.

Whoops. You'll have to imagine what this looked like as I've since lost the screenshot image file.

Of course, that's nonsense. The Weather Network's site lists Sunday's expected temperature as -21°C and Tuesday's as -16°C. Dropping nearly thirty degrees and then rebounding back even higher in twenty-four hours is a bit of a stretch, even for the Yukon.

No, I'd say that the forecasting software went off the rails somewhere. The CBC's prediction for Monday is a high of -15°C and a measly -25°C as the low.

At least the high temperature is warmer than the low in both cases. That doesn't always happen here: the low can be higher than the high. That occurs when the day temperature is colder than the preceding night's, but it still doesn't make much sense. The reasoning seems to be that folks expect the temperature labelled "high" to refer to the daytime, regardless.

On another northern note, a wolf casually trotted in front of the truck on Tuesday while I was driving up to the College. It looked a bit too big and blunt in the muzzle to be a coyote, but I can't say for sure.