What He Said readership surges 400% after joining Urban Yukon.

Whitehorse (Reuters): Ecstatic officials of the What He Said weblog announced today that a recent escalation in Internet traffic was threatening to overwhelm their server infrastructure. These same officials attributed the astounding growth in popularity to the weblog's inclusion in the Urban Yukon community of weblogs, or "blogs" as they are commonly known. "We're getting at least four times the number of visitors since we joined [Urban Yukon]," raved Dave Rogers, CEO and chairman of What He Said Transworld Corp.

At a later press conference, Rogers illustrated the weblog's 400% increase in daily visits using the site's activity log. "Prior to joining Urban Yukon, we were averaging an already-impressive 4 to 5 visitors a day," gloated Rogers, "but on December 6th, the first day of our membership, the visits shot up to 17, and kept growing from there, hitting an inconceivable 19 the very next day."

Rogers did admit that the network congestion was a concern, but still felt confident that the server, a Pentium II tucked into the corner of the spare bedroom, had sufficient capacity to handle the onslaught.