Thor, God of Thunder, why hast thou forsaken me?

To: Thor
CC: Zeus/Jupiter, Ukko, Haokah, and other electricity-related deities
Subject: Goddamn blackouts

Yet another of our multiple power outages today, right in the middle of burning a backup DVD on one computer, and upgrading the operating system on another. Also waiting for an important e-mail message that hopefully wasn't bounced back to the sender in such a way as to suggest that I'm incapable of competently managing an e-mail server. All told, I lost 2.5 hours of semi-productivity, which converts to...including least seven beans and a plastic whistle.

Perhaps my blog entries of late have offended the patron gods of Yukon Energy/Electrical.

Silver Lining: due to much recent practice, I can now reset all of the house's clocks and timers in under fifteen minutes.

I see Geoff was also caught in the dark.