More fun with Google Maps. Where have you been?

Thinking about how I came to be in Whitehorse the other day led me to reminisce of the many places I've hung my hat in this great land (and a couple other lands). If I limit myself to locations where I spent more than one month and also received mail, I count twenty-two addresses on Memory Lane.

Google Maps affords a virtual romp through the neighbourhoods of my past, and using the My Maps feature let me trace said romp across my personal sector of the globe:


To dissuade repo men and groupie stalkers, I've left out dates and also been a bit sloppy with my coordinates. The planet also seems to have accumulated quite a few more condos than I remember from the 70s, so I had to guess at a couple of spots.

For those wanting to do one better, you can attach images and videos to your maps.

"Now who's in the mood for a Super 8 reel of 1960s-era Ontari-ari-ari-o? Anyone? Hello?"