Yukon Energy Planned Power Outage RSS Feed Now Online!

This is a notable addition to the never-ending Yukon Blackout Mashup & Feed Saga.

W00t! You may now subscribe to planned power outage bulletins from Yukon Energy's site via RSS. (What? No Atom feed? <wink>)

Thanks are due mostly to Janet Patterson who made all this happen after stumbling upon my self-interested griping.

I now resolve to pursue Yukon Electrical with renewed vigour to realize my ultimate goal of a Yukon blackout map mashup.

Archived Comments

  1. Dar on 20071222.Saturday:
    W00t indeed! (I've always liked that "word")
  2. Dave on 20071222.Saturday:
    I think the same day I wrote that, Merriam-Webster announced that "w00t" was their word of the year. Quite the kowinkeedink.