There are no babies in this Urban Yukon post.

If you're a daily reader of the posts on Urban Yukon, you may have noticed a trend of late: babies. And not just one, mind, but scores of the little buggers, popping out of our territory's bloggers like tarts from a toaster.

In truth, I like the wee googagglers. They smell nice (mostly). Look cute (mostly). And, try as I might, cannot be legitimately blamed for any of the various ills that afflict me.

But in aggregate, the topic of babies occupies my mind maybe one twelfth of one percent on a daily basis, so the proportion of papoose-pertinent postings appearing on UY lately is... like... totally whack.

I guess the only solution is to press for many more engaging articles on blackout mashups, relational databases, and the presently-dormant Bill C-61. Now that's what attracts droves of RSS subscribers.

Archived Comments

  1. Meandering Michael on 20080716.Wednesday:
    Give 'er!
  2. Geof Harries on 20080716.Wednesday:
    You know what you need to do, Dave. A candlelight dinner, nice bottle of wine, rose petals sprinkled around the house...and then a year later you can fit right into the baby crowd. ~wink.
  3. kara on 20080716.Wednesday:
    What? There is more to live than babies? Are you sure about that?
  4. Dave on 20080716.Wednesday:
    Michael and Geof: both good (complementary?) suggestions. But nine moons later I'd be blogging about it all in truly insufferable alliterative style. No one wants that.
  5. Dave on 20080716.Wednesday:
    Kara: well, for starters, there's dogs. Boy can I yakkity-yak it up about that pooch of mine. Dogs, dogs, dogs, all the live-long day.
  6. Geof Harries on 20080716.Wednesday:
    I read once, and completely agree, that becoming a parent is akin to turning into a vampire. Your old self dies a sad, painful death but you re-emerge as a zombie-like immortal with superpower strength. Maybe even a cape. The latter attribute alone makes it worth a shot.
  7. Geof Harries on 20080716.Wednesday:
    And just like that, this has turned into a baby post.
  8. Dave on 20080716.Wednesday:
    Terrific, immortal baby bloggers. Oh happy day.
  9. kara on 20080716.Wednesday:
    Dogs are just peoples furry babies. Geof, I like the cape thing. Should we be wearing our underwear on the outside of our pants as well?
  10. Login Firth on 20080716.Wednesday:
    I hate babies, too. But what are your thoughts on blog posts about bear cubs?
  11. Stacie on 20080716.Wednesday:
    Great idea kara! I can just picture all the Urban Yukon bloggers now... ew. Kind of a scary thought actually. :) And we should maybe dress our dogs up like babies. Would make scooping poop that much easier!!
  12. Dave on 20080716.Wednesday:
    The story thus far: baby blogs come from super-powered underwear zombies. These zombies then go on to infect other blogs, creating mutant dog-baby hybrids. There is no cure.