Go ahead and hate me. I’m actually enjoying the rain.

You can't go fifteen minutes in this town without someone complaining about the summer weather: snow in June, frost in July outside of town (I had a garden hoze freeze solid on me on the 9th), and a lot more cloud than we're used to in our semi-arid wonderland.

Thing is, I like rain. Aside from big trees, its one of the few things I miss most from down south. Now all I need is an oak or two and a few maples.

Also, I'm not crazy about the sun. For one thing, it's hot. Damned hot. I barely made it through that excruciating summer a few years ago when the territory was struck ablaze from the heat. For another, it's waged a 40-year campaign to pepper me with melanoma, regardless of hats, lotions, or ridiculous golf umbrellas. No, I'll pass.

My not-so-secret hope is that global climate change will continue to bless our summers with cool moisture. (I'm less confident that the winters will remain chilly enough to keep out the riff-raff.)

Loathe me if you must, but my regular translucent-salmon "tan" is comparing pretty well to all you sunbathers this year.

Archived Comments

  1. Murray on 20080723.Wednesday:
    Move back south and let us wallow in our misery. I searched this morning, and I can be in Summer in about 12 hours (Stewart, BC is forecast to be 22 and sunny today). I need dry and hot now to survive winter.
  2. Carole on 20080723.Wednesday:
    I hate you! ;)
  3. Dave on 20080723.Wednesday:
    Murray: By your logic, you should be the one to move back south. Or perhaps further north: Old Crow seems to be having a warmer than usual season. Carole: No you don't.
  4. Murray on 20080723.Wednesday:
    But I'd rather be cold, wet and whiny here (for one "summer", we hope) than live in sunny Vancouver where the quality of life for wilderness-lovers sucks.
  5. Stacie on 20080723.Wednesday:
    "... winters will remain chilly enough to keep out the riff-raff" Ha, I love it!!! And yes, there is a LOT of complaining lately. If my dogs weren't so freakin' muddy all the time, I'd enjoy it much more. Ah, what the heck, I'm even starting to get used to the mud...
  6. Dave on 20080723.Wednesday:
    Murray: Amen. Stacie: the anti-mud treatment we put in our side yard this year may have actually been a much better idea than we originally thought.
  7. Tammy on 20080804.Monday:
    I won't hate you, but I will mutter darkly in your direction. I feel the need for sun, and heat, if I am to survive October through April. I totally regret complaining, back in May, when I thought it was too hot.
  8. Dave on 20080804.Monday:
    Well, August seems to be shaping up well for you sun-lovers. As long as the temperature doesn't climb past the low twenties, I suppose I can do with a sunny day or two. At the very least, there'll be less chance of arriving to work by bike with skunk striping up my back.