Don’t you think it’s time you learned about databases?

For one final time, I will be teaching the COMP210: Database Design course this fall at Yukon College. The curriculum changes the following year; database courses will still be offered, but more likely in an online format.

So now is your best chance to learn about relational database design and the SQL query language in a conveniently located (if you happen to reside in Whitehorse) cozy classroom with an exceptional student-to-teacher ratio.

Who should take the course? Simple: anyone with a problem involving data. You can bring your problem to class and we'll convert it into a living, breathing database that you can manipulate and query with abandon. Each student completes a term-long project (ignore the course outline page that mentions five projects), and real-world projects are the most satisfying to complete.

I also build a small database project each term to give students a feel for how their own projects will evolve.

You should be comfortable using a computer to take the course. You don't need a programming or math background, although familiarity with things like Excel functions or filling out income tax forms is of definite benefit.

All of the notes for the course are available online. Previous years' notes as well: 2006, 2004, 2003, and 2002.

The course is scheduled for Monday mornings 10am to noon, and Tuesday mornings 9am to noon. If the students all agree, we may be able to change that to be more accommodating.

The first class will be on Monday, September 8th, and you can register up until the 5th.

If you have any questions, please contact me at the College: drogers at yukoncollege dot why-kay dot see-ay (those last two groups are letters, not Pig Latin -- sheesh, the hoops we jump through to avoid spam).