Conservatives Promise to Re-Introduce Canadian DMCA

According to their finally-released platform, the Tories intend to reintroduce the Canadian DMCA bill formerly known as C-61 (it would get a new number in the new parliament). I'm not inclined to link to the Conservatives' website for the details, and in any case seems to be down at the moment. I've written before about this bill and its punitive intentions.

As usual, Michael Geist has the complete story, and also the credit for my posting's title.

Don't want a DMCA north of 60° (or 49° for that matter)? Then keep Daryl P. home after the 14th, and away from his pal Stephen in Ottawa. Oh, there's lots of reasons to shove the Conservatives over to the left of the Speaker, but this seems as good a one as any.