“I’m trying to find an air-conditioner. In the Yukon. In December.”

That is an excerpt from an actual conversation held with a plumbing and heating contractor. I will likely soon forget the circumstances of yesterday's telephone call, but those sentence fragments deserve to live on.

The following won't be news to anyone supporting an older laptop in the suggested position: computers are hot. And not "hot" in the way marketing departments or Paris Hilton mean. No, they're just hot. Damned hot.

And that which gets too hot needs cooling. You wouldn't think that would be difficult to accomplish in this region, and in this season, but from a concrete-enveloped tomb in the basement of a large building, geography and weather don't play a role.

Long story short, the requested A/C unit arrived at the exact moment that it was no longer needed.

Now if only I could find a way to ship all of this coal to Newcastle.