May 17, 2009. No Furnace Day.

Seriously? Let me get this straight: upon viewing the title "No Furnace Day" your brain saw fit to order your hand and finger muscles to perform the complicated orchestration of a mouse click, all so that it could satisfy its "No Furnace Day" curiousity.

And now that your brain has realized its mistake, your appendages are frantically grasping for the back button.

Too late! There's still time for your brain to absorb this: "all told the furnace ran for 235 days this past winter, 12 less than the previous year."


Archived Comments

  1. Carole on 20090518.Monday:
    Yes. Seriosly! Curiousity kills the cat, or is it curiosity? Sorry hun, just had to bug you about your spelling mistake. I know, I know, I make many a spelling errors. But to find one that YOU made and to realize that you thought you spelled it right is worth documenting. Gotta love me.
  2. Dave on 20090519.Tuesday:
    When asked why it's spelled "curiosity" instead of "curiousity", Uncle Skeleton said, "because English is a stupid stupid language."