Manager no more.

It was less than 9 months ago that I joined Yukon College as the manager of the Computing Services department. Naturally, only two months later I discovered another opportunity for which I was much better suited. I hemmed and hawed, but finally gave my notice in March, and then counted down my lame duck days to June 30th. I had assumed that I would be replaced long before this past Tuesday, but the position is yet to be filled.

So, I invite any and all qualified individuals to apply. It's a pretty sweet deal and there are few better places to work than the College. I can't stay away: I'll be back in September to teach, and probably take, a course or two.

Now I just have to do the all things I've been thinking about doing since the New Year. Kinda scary, that.

Archived Comments

  1. Geof Harries on 20090702.Thursday:
    So, who is the new employer?
  2. Dave on 20090702.Thursday:
    The new boss is me. Same as the old (pre-College) boss.
  3. Geof Harries on 20090708.Wednesday:
    Let the Yukon Dude marketing thunder roll.