Fall Computer Book Clearance – Get ‘em before they’re recycled.

"Because there's nothing more valuable than a used computer book."

I took the measuring tape for a spin and it turns out that I have 27 linear feet of computer books weighing down various bookcases around the house. Every year, I try to eliminate at least a foot or two from my collection -- chiefly to make space for the new arrivals.

In years past, I've not-so-secretly stashed these discards in random cases throughout the College. This season, I'm offering the following titles to anyone that wants them. I will deliver within town, and, if you ask nicely, may even ship them to your not-so-far-away address. Otherwise, they'll go straight into the bin the next time I'm down at Raven.


Ah, Java: duly-celebrated successor to COBOL. So much promise to those of us mired in the Visual Basiocrity of the early 90s.

Ruby on Rails

There are bandwagons, and then there is Ruby on Rails. But I'm now aboard the latest wagon.


When was I ever that interested in SSL?

Miscellaneous Programming

Miscellaneous Computer Stuff

Not a computer enthusiast? Most will also serve as wonderful, though potentially blue flame inducing, fire starter.