Salmon Fettuccini à la Yukon Dude

While my cooking style tends toward the lowest end of the cuisine spectrum, I recently pulled off quite a dish in an effort to use up all of the fresh smoked salmon that we had in the freezer (Carole knows a guy). Of course, it's hard to go wrong when cooking with salmon, butter, and whipping cream.


Start water boiling and add:

  • One pack fettuccini or linguini, or whatever noodles you like

Sauté, in a largish pan:

  • 1/2 of one of those large garlic thingies, minced
  • 1/4 cup butter

Once the garlic starts to go translucent, add:

  • 2-3 cups of shredded and deboned fresh smoked salmon

Reduce to medium heat, and cook for another two minutes, stirring frequently, then slowly add:

  • 2 cups of whipping cream
  • 1/4 cup grated parmesan or, better yet, asiago

Keep stirring for another five minutes or so. The sauce won't thicken appreciably. Once the noodles are done, mix in all of the sauce. Serve in big bowls and top each with:

  • dash of fresh parsley
  • warm diced tomato
  • freshly cracked pepper

Buon appetito! Non è raccomandato per coloro che sono intolleranti al lattosio, sperimentando la sofferenza coronarica, o con i cibi kosher.

Archived Comments

  1. Carole on 20100108.Friday:
    Oooohhh, and it was oh, so delicious. MMMmmmMMMM!!!!!!!!
  2. Mom on 20100110.Sunday:
    The salmon buttercream sounds doubtful. Did anyone really eat it?
  3. Dave on 20100110.Sunday:
    Mom, of course we ate it. Carole wouldn't stop going on about it and had the leftovers for lunch.
  4. Luigi Zanasi on 20100123.Saturday:
    If you want to thicken the sauce, do the garlic butter & cream first, boil it down until it reaches the consistency you want), then add the salmon & other stuff. The only thing I would add is try to make your own egg pasta (two eggs per cup of flour--nothing else, mix, knead, roll out & cut your tagliatelle). (only whipping cream will work, the other stuff will curdle, I'm talking about a heavy rolling boil). and it not "experimenting coronary suffering", but should be "soffrano di malattie coronarie". :-)
  5. Dave on 20100130.Saturday:
    Thanks for the tip, Luigi, and also for the grammar correction. Google Translate won't put any real translators out of business for a while. My dad and I made our own noodles once. Given the time and effort required, I'll be settling with the packaged variety for most occasions.
  6. Brent on 20100202.Tuesday:
    Hey, Dave - Sarah dutifully copied down your number last night, but then I went and lost it. Can you ping me back at the mail above?
  7. Dave on 20100203.Wednesday:
    What does that have to do with salmon fettuccini?