Whitehorse Google Street View may still need a little work.

I guess I'm homesick, as I've been virtually wandering through Google's Street View map of Whitehorse since discovering it yesterday. But it does have its eccentricities.

For example, try "driving" north on 2nd Avenue from Main Street. When you pass the little alleyway between the TD and Thredz, suddenly you're transported to the alley between the Burns building and Horwoods. Just push through and you'll be delivered back to 2nd again.

Something similar happens further on down 2nd: just as you come to And Again on the right, you're redirected to the dumpsters behind the Roadhouse.

Same deal going north on 3rd from Lambert. Halfway to Elliot you seem to be thrown into a tree behind the Log Cabin Church.

At the very least, the Street View camera vehicle seems to have done a thorough job: running up and down every back alley that is, or isn't, on a map. Now they just need to stitch them together at the correct coordinates.

Apparently some other Canadian towns are now on Street View as well, including Inuvik.

Quirky though it may be, I've been using Street View extensively while down south to locate landmarks for navigating through these congested and forbidding cities. It'll be a relief to come home to little traffic, to angle parking, and to a street map that fits comfortably into a single human head (with the possible exception of those weird-o twisty streets in the middle of Riverdale).