The 2010 Dawson City Music Festival in just a few seconds.

Carole and I are excited to be attending our my first Dawson City Music Festival this July: the tickets and room are bought and booked.

We then checked out the proposed slate of bands, and if you should happen to open all of the links on that page at once, something like the following will burst forth from your speakers:

Twenty-eight ungodly seconds of the 2010 DCMF (630KB MP3)

Listening to 'em all at once is a real time-saver.

Or, if you respond better to an overload of visual stimuli, here are all of the bands' glamour shots stacked one on top of another. Try to spot your faves:

This sort of thing would be much more common if the concept of time did not exist.

Oh, and why is it that every band has a MySpace page? I though the trend-setters had long ago moved to Facebook. Although, judging by some of the bands' websites, "trend-setting" is far from the correct term when it comes to Internet presence.