I figured if I put iPad in the title, people would read this.

April third! iPad day! Or, iPad day for those in the States. Or, iPad day for those so infatuated with the latest Apple gewgaw that they're willing to fly down to Seattle and stand in line in the rain at 2:00am. What's the duty-free limit for a 48-hour trip again?

I'm not likely to have an iPad anytime soon. I haven't even laid eyes on an iPhone yet. But I have the sneaking suspicion that iPads and other ersatzPads will be a hit with casual internet users.

Notice I didn't say "computer users": no one wants to use a computer -- people just want to do internet stuff. The Start bar and caps lock and Are You Sure? popups can all go to hell. The iPad-style interface, as limited as it is, has simplicity working for it. Technology geeks generally don't appreciate simplicity, but my mom does.

There's the argument for the iPad right there: no more calls from back home asking about missing files and uninstalled device drivers. Sign me up.

But I suppose I should at least wait until someone invents an iTriangle to rest the thing on. Oh wait, someone already did.

Archived Comments

  1. Geof Harries on 20100403.Saturday:
    This "The Start bar and caps lock and Are You Sure? popups can all go to hell." pretty much sums the whole thing up.
  2. Dave on 20100403.Saturday:
    Yes, I can live with those dastardly idiosyncrasies as the price for not being confined to the locked and claustrophobic iPad environment. But few others care.