Were I from the East, yesterday would’ve been my Oriental-Oriented Orienteering Orientation.

...but I'm not, and unfortunately, "Occidental-oriented" is an ornamented accident.

Put much more simply, Carole and I took the Yukon Orienteering Association's "Learn to 'O' Clinic" yesterday, ostensibly so that we could devote even more of our time to being lost in the woods.

The day was spent learning to read the highly-detailed orienteering topographical maps, and then scrambling about out back of the College with said maps. Learning to find bearings with the compass was also helpful, but at our level the maps are far more useful.

The YOA holds meets every second Wednesday, and we're planning to attempt the more casual routes: the ones with fewer crossed contour lines, and with controls (checkpoints) conveniently located near trails.