It’s like living inside a technical support certification exam.

Everything in life can be explained with three circles. Except bicycles.

As I tweeted on a frosty Christmas afternoon, Santa tucked an iPod Touch into my stocking. I had explained earlier to Carole -- Santa's agent -- that I "needed" one for a) a mobile app project that I start in the new year, b) translation for our upcoming Korea & Japan trip, and c) because it's totally cool and doesn't require a soul-crushing contract with Bell Immobility.

So now, what with Carole buying a reconditioned MacBook Pro from her school, our house literally hums with operating systems:

  • iOS,
  • Mac OS X,
  • Android,
  • virtualized Windows XP/Vista/7,
  • two flavours of Ubuntu Linux, and
  • whatever it is that's running the kettle.

All we need now is a Blackberry and the thing that Palm is grasping as an emergency flotation device and the circle will be complete. Heaven help us when it comes time to upgrade.

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  1. Mom on 20110101.Saturday:
    I know where you got that graph from.