Morning Walk Lookout

Each morning at about a quarter of six, the dogs and I pass this lookout point on our rounds. I usually stop to take it in for a while before moving on. It's humbling to think that this expanse is a mere fifteen-minute stroll from my door. For the locals, this is looking west-by-northwest-ward-ish from the ridge between Ingram and McIntyre. Haeckel Hill is on the right.

The 98ers must've been fed up with these endless %#$@ vistas on their slog to Dawson.

The panorama was taken with Microsoft's Photosynth app for iPhod. Oh to have been the Apple employee that demanded Microsoft's incorporation papers in order to register an app developer account.

You can view the panorama interactively*. And this one too, taken from a slightly different spot, although the app did something funny with the trees.

*Update, July 2nd: I thought at first that you would need Microsoft Silverlight installed on your computer, but it appears you don't need it just to view the panorama.