What He Tweeted for the week ending 2012-01-22

  • Sound travels quickly through the dense cold air we have this morning at -38C. Especially any sound that resembles a furnace malfunction. #
  • I want to end "What a huge _____!" in a complementary way. Turns out English doesn't have many nouns to describe a kind or generous person. #
  • The neighbour got locked out and warmed up in my place until the key cavalry arrived. -40C is the wrong temperature to lose the spare key. #
  • "And that's when we realized that we'd have to pull nine terabytes across the network each and every day." #
  • The clothes dryer element is fighting it out with the cold air seeping in through the vent. Go team StaticSox! #minus40nomatterthescale #
  • Misty, cloudy, sundog alert in #YXY If your power's out, step outside and have a gander. #
  • One advantage of an old-fashioned answering machine over voicemail: you can call home to see if the power is still on. #yxy #
  • On the bright side, I might actually get something done tomorrow. #sopa #blackout #
  • W00t! Reversed scrolling on Windows to accommodate my OSX Lion-trained fingers. Now to just scooch over the Ctrl key. http://t.co/EZ9maXNa #
  • Easy to be neighbourly at 40 below: I have to drive around the neighbourhood a while just to thaw the axle grease and round-out the tires. #
  • Dear brain, please discard all of the Mostek 6502 opcodes that you've got stored so that I have room to remember the names of people I meet. #
  • Did @cbcanewday just get hacked by Anonymous? Playing the Megaupload song now. #
  • How is this not a marketing campaign from @yukonbeer? http://t.co/7OrcF9VQ #