What He Tweeted for the week ending 2012-02-19

  • That 4-foot tall grader-scraped ice ridge in the middle of the street is inconvenient, but it does keep the cross-road barbarians at bay. #
  • Linux admin tip: don't remove the execute permission from the /etc directory. Oh, the hours you'll save tracking down those 3 little x's. #
  • Forget mandatory minimum sentences on gun crimes. Truly cruel and unusual punishment is being named Leroy Smickle. http://t.co/MgSPo8He #
  • Tonight's romantic St. Valentine's Day plans: a French workshop on child literacy. Voulez-vous assister à l'atelier avec moi ce soir? #
  • Spent the past couple of days battling IE9's JavaScript engine on a Windows 7 machine that blue-screened in safe mode. #nomicrosofttoday #
  • G&M's Margaret Wente has it right this time: "On Internet privacy, I’m with the child pornographers" http://t.co/vIFaeuQe #
  • Celebrating my favourite February holiday today: Shredfest 2012. Just love watching those decade-old business receipts confetti-ize. #