What He Tweeted for the week ending 2012-05-13

  • Today's #xkcd gives Frank Jacobs a run for his money: http://t.co/0BJcIvtn #
  • Today's CGI means that anything humans can imagine can appear on a movie screen. Apparently all we can imagine is 70s-era superheros. #
  • Made a wager with the missus. If someone says "Hannibal," what's the first word to come to mind? I say "elephant," she says "Lecter." #
  • ...in either case "Hannibal" has apparently been stricken from the proposed baby boy name list. Along with Scipio, Sulla, and Gaius Julius. #
  • Here's to you 6am smoker, standing outside in your bathrobe. Your reward for surviving the night? A delicious and revitalizing blue fume. #
  • Sure-fire dot-com idea: PeelerMatch. Link righties and lefties so that they can wear down both blades of their potato peelers evenly. #
  • Dear Staples.ca, when you send a message to my account's e-mail address and then your site refuses to accept that same address, I hate you. #
  • Do I truly loathe the now-common Rumsfeldian habit of first asking and then answering one's very own question? Yes. Yes I do. #