What He Tweeted for the week ending 2012-05-20

  • Met a Doug today. I think that was his name. He looked like a Doug, walked like a Doug, and talked like a Doug. He must've been a Doug. #
  • What does it mean when you validate your website and the #HTML5 validator crashes? Did I inadvertently invent HTML6? #
  • Riding' the bus, or "peasant jalopy" as we used to call it. Lovely. #
  • A perfect snowy day in May to test drive my new steel-toed s*%tkickers. http://t.co/SzYEfgc2 #
  • This most excellent Lamborghini driver sums up my opinion of all over-horsepowered leadfoot drivers.
    http://t.co/9qzsYzQg #
  • And this is why we can't have nice things. http://t.co/Bb09nOTD #
  • I predict a lucrative future for these three with Cirque du Soleil. http://t.co/CMDtl5Op #