What He Tweeted for the week ending 2012-06-10

  • Carole was up and at school at 6am this morning. Good thing her maternity leave started Friday, or she would've been in at 5am. #teaching #
  • A home decor history, illustrated in rags. http://t.co/a7GCVGGS #
  • The new nursery turned out swell. Alas, I managed to floor over the heating vent and now forget where the hole goes. http://t.co/lmDbSSGc #
  • A beep is emanating from somewhere in this house. It's not the alarms, but it is erratic and unlocatable. I call it the "Tell-tale Casio." #
  • What's the polite thing to say to dirtbag neighbours who grow non-native monocrops in the Yukon and then fuss over pretty yellow flowers? #