What He Tweeted for the week ending 2012-08-12

  • Another episode of "Go to sleep, baby" successfully compl... Oh wait... Uh oh... Dagnabbit!... "Fais dodo, Colas mon petit frère..." #
  • It's clear that Canada's #Olympic medal ranking is helped by China and the US winning everything. Now, what can we do to help them for Rio? #
  • Do you suppose anyone has ever snuck a bowling ball into the #Olympic velodrome late at night for a game of Möbius ten-pin? #
  • We only got 7-10mm of rain last night in #YXY Just imagine what the forecasted 45-75 would've wreaked. Glad for once not to have a basement #
  • Couldn't sleep, so I watched an hour of Russian car crashes. Ironically, very soothing with the sound off. http://t.co/CAiWg3me #