What He Tweeted for the week ending 2013-05-10

  • If I say "karma mocha chai" do you think I'm a) sporting dreadlocks, b) discussing testing tools, or c) confusing the pronunciation of "ch"? 2013-05-05
  • Got a new backpack carrier for the little guy. He sits so high on me I'm worried we'll be mistaken for Angry Anderson http://t.co/12pNxXkg9z 2013-05-06
  • How is it that I'm only just now learning of Modern.IE? Anyway, I'm still holding out hope for Modern.Mosaic. http://t.co/uVjzXqWIyy 2013-05-06
  • Car seat manufacturers: you know your seat, and you also know vehicle tether systems - let me print a custom manual for my seat & car combo. 2013-05-07
  • Read an article about a "71/2-hour hearing." To me that reads as 35.5 hours long. Having attended some hearings, that sounds about right. 2013-05-10
  • I can count the number of nosebleeds I've recently suffered on the razor-tipped, nostril-sized, curiosity-fueled fingers of my baby boy. 2013-05-10