What He Tweeted for the week ending 2013-12-13

  • My programming workday: first yak shaving, then booting vagrant, executing python, dispatching peewee, invoking grunt, and breaking karma. 2013-12-09
  • http://t.co/2QJTGxzy0q 2013-12-09
  • A sight to--quite literally--warm one's heart. With the layer behind, it will see us through the coming cold spell. http://t.co/lOvrppzDwN 2013-12-09
  • It was my idea to dress the baby in cyan, magenta, yellow, and black for his Xmas photo. That way the ink cartridges are used up equally. 2013-12-11
  • Good morning, #YXY. I hope I can find the car, let alone move it. http://t.co/0lShc6n3lu 2013-12-12
  • Both the Canada Post problem and my post problem could be solved by raising the delivery rates on bulk mail to, let's say, $20 per item. 2013-12-12
  • No father safety awards in my future, but baby and I snowblowed the drive so Mom could make it back before the thaw. http://t.co/ATJfVfbi4c 2013-12-12
  • I guess I mentioned our snowblower snowblower before: snowblower my phone autocorrects any snowblower snowblower a "w" in it to snowblower. 2013-12-13
  • Yukon Noon. http://t.co/OO9zpgrMr7 2013-12-13