No denying it this time. The streak is over.

Until last summer, I had been riding a 7+ year cold-and-flu-free streak. In quick succession, I succumbed to a flu, two common colds, and, just yesterday, a third cold. So much for my "avoiding human contact and washing hands" theory of personal health.

Until today, I could also claim not to have taken a day of sick leave since 1999. Or at least a sick day that was actually taken due to illness. I even had to ask how to take a day off.

I did briefly consider struggling in to work and infecting 1,500 or so competitors this morning at Yukon College the Canada Winter Games Athletes Village, but for the sake of sport I stayed in bed, moaning, until the late morning.

My pumpkin suit will have to wait in the closet until next week. (CWG volunteer jackets and vests are an eye-pleasing shade of green-orange.)