Just a little server housekeeping.

Yesterday was Database Upgrade Day -- from MySQL 4.x to 5.0 -- which is why, had you visited, you would've noticed a big fat WordPress error message rather than all these little purty words.

I had put off upgrading the DB for some time. MySQL 5.0 ships with extra monkey wrenches baked in to the core database, and upgrading-in-place was tougher than I had hoped.

This being a Gentoo server, upgrading also meant recompiling everything from scratch: a 2-hour thrashmaganza on this old Celeron bucket. Then PHP had to be re-compiled in order to talk to this latest MySQL interface. I wasn't about to wait up for that to finish.

Just the price one pays for the mock-prestige of running one's own server.

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  1. Testy MacTest on 20070303.Saturday:
    As part of the housekeeping, I upgraded WordPress and enabled comments while I was at it. I wonder if any of it will work?