Funk! Canada Winter Games stinks up Yukon College.

The Canada Winter Games are just about over, and not a moment too soon. Much longer, and people would be keeling over from the stench. That, or the whole place would blow sky-high from the volatile fumes.

The CWG organizers are to be commended for hosting a "green" games, but perhaps they didn't realize just how quickly the contents of the landfill-friendly compost bins distributed through the hallways of the Athletes Village (a.k.a. Yukon College) would start to ferment, wafting their noxious -- and quite possibly intoxicating -- fumes throughout the building. I wonder if the reek will persist until Monday when classes begin anew.

It might yet be worse. The "green" games burned out a few laser printers churning through tens of thousands of full-colour pages (two years worth of copying in two weeks), the bulk of which were stapled into unnecessary newsletters. That much airborne toner is bound to pollute the Academic Wing where the provincial delegations were housed. Bring a respirator next week.

Archived Comments

  1. Geof Harries on 20070311.Sunday:
    When I read your post title at Urban Yukon, I thought you were going to talk about all of the stinky athletic gear kicking 'round the joint. I'm partly relieved that it wasn't "that" sort of smell.
  2. Dave on 20070311.Sunday:
    Well, I didn't get a chance to check out the althetes' dormitories in the new residence buildings. Actually, I don't think I will.
  3. Fawn on 20070313.Tuesday:
    Actually, all the athlete's equipment was stored in the equipment room (a.k.a the car shop area in the basement) so "that" sort of smell was sort of contained to one area, anyway. While I was on roving security patrol, one of the athletes complained to me about the smell of garbage near the computer labs, but another volunteer corrected him and informed us that it wasn't garbage that was causing the smell. Apparently, some rooms were being used to store fruits and veggies and just having the lot of them all together without much ventilation gave rise to the "parfum" in the halls. I must say, fruits and veggies had never seemed less appealing than they did at that moment...