Here be the news.

I've given up telling other people -- including family -- what it is that I've been up to of late. Talking to other people, well, that's just not the sort of thing I do.

Instead, I'll just post stuff here. No one reads this -- including family -- and so the net information dispersal effect is the same.

As an added bonus, if any of this gets out by other means, I can joyfully claim: "How can you not know that? I posted it on my blog months ago."

So here goes.

  • I ate too many egg rolls for dinner last night.
  • I rolled my truck off the highway in 2004.
  • I moved to the Yukon in 1999.
  • I ate too many egg rolls for lunch three days ago.
  • I turned down a permanent job offer at Yukon College in 2005.
  • As of last summer, I am five years cancer-free.
  • I ate too much spaghetti and meatballs two nights in a row over the weekend.
  • I turned down the same permanent job offer at Yukon College two weeks ago.
  • I married Carole June 21st.
  • I ate too much fondue at the reception.

Archived Comments

  1. Geof Harries on 20070713.Friday:
    Well, it's a good thing you posted this. I was under the impression that you had a full-time teaching gig at Yukon College. Lucky that's cleared up now.
  2. Dave on 20070713.Friday:
    Actually, the job I turned down both times was that of a DBA/programmer. I usually taught only one or two courses each term. They've advertised the DBA position ( should anyone be interested.