For the first time in many a year, tomorrow is not a school day.

As befits the approach of mid-life, I'm starting something new this fall. Thing is, I don't exactly know what that will be. What it won't be is something at Yukon College: neither teaching nor computing.

There are a number of reasons for my leaving the College, paramount of which is the answer to this question:

When I look back in five years time, will I be glad that I chose well-paying system maintenance in a windowless basement?

Teaching is a separate issue. Unfortunately, there just aren't enough students. Not for what I teach, anyhow. While I could keep my hand in for one course per term, that's too low a job-satisfaction-per-unit-union-nonsense ratio for my tastes.

No, it's to be a clean break from the College for me. That is, after one more month of part-time contract work in the aforementioned basement. Then begins a German course I've had my eye on. Perhaps even a spot of welding next spring.

My "something new" may just be a career as a Mercedes mechanic. I know of at least one in the Territory -- and wouldn't you know it -- it's usually parked at the College.

Archived Comments

  1. Geof Harries on 20070905.Wednesday:
    It, at least, must be a little bit fun to start all over again doing something that doesn't involve code or keyboards.
  2. Dave on 20070905.Wednesday:
    Oh, it'll probably involve code and keyboard, but maybe in different ways than I'm used to.