Hey Genius! Read This!

I spotted Andrew Stark's "How Accessible is Your Blog" posting on Urban Yukon and just had to see what the Blog Readability Test had to say about What He Said:

Genius Reading Level

Well, that would explain the dearth of readers this blog attracts. Of course, it may just be that my score was artificially raised by the inclusion of 958 esoteric programming terms. That, or my pretentious sesquipedalian affectation.

Update, Dec. 4

Apparently I've dumbed-down of late and now only earn a High-School rating. Phew, that's a load off.

Archived Comments

  1. Meandering Michael on 20071108.Thursday:
    I've got the same problem as you. Perhaps we should get Geoff to develop a new site called "urbanyukon4geniuses.com".
  2. Dave on 20071108.Thursday:
    I wonder what the Blog Readability Test algorithm is. I assume it's something like Flesch-Kincaid which is based on the number of words per sentence and the number of syllables per word. Speaking for myself, I think they set the "genius" bar a little low.
  3. Stacie on 20071108.Thursday:
    Oh yeah, speaking for me and my Elementary school cronies "my dad can beat up your dad!" :) woohoo!
  4. Dave on 20071109.Friday:
    You'd earn a higher rating with a simple rephrasing: "my father is pugilistically superior to your sire! Huzzah!"