Coming Soon: Yukon Energy Blackout RSS Feed

This is one more page in the Yukon Blackout Mashup & Feed Saga.

In response to my recent request, I received a note from Yukon Energy (YEC) that they've asked their site developers to add an RSS feed to announce planned power outages. I was cautioned that it may take a while to appear though.

I was also cautioned that the RSS feed may not be what I want anyway, since it is actually Yukon Electrical (YECL) that deals with power distribution inside Whitehorse; YEC handles generation and distribution to some communities. I guess it's now time to prod YECL's PR flacks.

My original quest for a blackout map mashup is less certain to be realized, by companies with "Y", "E", and "C" in their abbreviations, at any rate. Perhaps there's another way...

On a related note, it's an unnerving thing to drive down Hamilton Boulevard without the leading glow from street lights.

Archived Comments

  1. Geof Harries on 20071112.Monday:
    Yep, most, if not all of the time, blackouts and failures are YECL's fault, not the other way around. Unfortunately, YEC always gets to be the scapegoat.
  2. Dave on 20071112.Monday:
    And yet only YEC's site talks about power outages. YECL seems solely concerned that street lights might go dark. That, and how to decipher one's bill.
  3. Geof Harries on 20071112.Monday:
    Speaking of bills, I gotta admit that I'm pretty proud of the YEC Reading Your Bill page, which I hand-coded. Still looks good and works reasonably well after all these years. I love web standards.
  4. Dave on 20071113.Tuesday:
    Sweet. Some real table wizardry and I always appreciate neat and tidy HTML source code. That's some sample bill: $173.47. Mine is usually between a third and a half of that. Time to invest in CFLs and clotheslines.