And now, a German interlude.

Interesting news with respect to the IT situation at the College should be appearing here soon, perhaps this evening. Meanwhile...

Speaking of the College, I enrolled in the introductory German class this past term. It's a surprisingly fun language: dead simple to pronounce once you grasp the cat-hiss "ch" sound, a real boost to your English grammar proficiency as you learn to identify and decline Nouns, and chock full of phrases that lend real authenticity to your daily Colonel Klink shtick.

Unfortunately, the class was over all too soon, limiting me to ordering Spätzle in a train station while telling the time. The longest sentence I've yet mastered is one I taught myself years ago in case of emergency: Mein Auto ist gefüllt mit Rasierschaum.

Translation: my car is filled with shaving cream. I think we can all agree, that is the very definition of an emergency.

In closing, I offer a little ode to the Germans that I penned many years ago, sung to the tune of the theme song from Rocket Robin Hood:

We are German.
We speak German.
We've got bods like Uma Thurman.
We're known around the world for common sense,
For sausages, Mercedes-Benz.
From the Baltic to the Danube to the Rhine,
We'll apologize for Nineteen-thirty-nine.
So hoist your beer and raise a cheer for
Now! Let's! Eat!