No, seriously. BIG-TIME IT contracting opportunities at the College.

Following last week's surprise management shuffle in the Computing Services department of Yukon College, the little birdie network reports that, as of this coming Thursday, there is zero internal technical support for the College's Oracle database and the execrable SCT Banner system that runs the institution (everything from payroll to transcripts to bookstore orders).

High-priced contingency operators are being lined up as I type. (You'll never guess who.)

But the real opportunities will appear as the College attempts to realign its IT department to more closely support the academic divisions. Expertise in information architecture, data warehousing, communications, telepresence, and generally anything related to education that begins with "e" and a hyphen, will stand you in good stead.

Don't delay, submit your proposal today. As for my modest finder's fee, I suggest you look no further than the 37"-long Lego Imperial Star Destroyer.

Archived Comments

  1. Geof Harries on 20071218.Tuesday:
    How about e-mail?
  2. Dave on 20071219.Wednesday:
    How about e-mail, indeed. It's pretty cool, dontcha think? If you're asking whether e-mail is still supported at the College: it is, as is all of the network and lab infrastructure, the website, the communities, and helpdesk. That being said, the College runs Microsoft Exchange for its e-mail, which incorporates crossed fingers into most of its maintenance options. "Just" the execrable Banner system (I'm working on a Googlebomb here) and the Oracle database it runs on are affected by the recent brouhaha.
  3. Geof Harries on 20071220.Thursday:
    Ah, I was just poking fun at your "anything related to education that begins with 'e'" reference. On a serious note, what's this about submitting proposals? Is this a means to introduce your local services and expertise or a proposal for a course?
  4. Dave on 20071220.Thursday:
    The proposal thing is just a heads-up to the local IT community about likely upcoming projects at the top of the hill. I imagine requests for such proposals will be announced in the new year, but in the meantime anyone with relevant experience may want to shmooze with College uppityups on the seasonal cocktail circuit. I'm not involved in any of this, other than perhaps some interim fire-fighting on this execrable system I keep harping on about until a permanent replacement is found. It does seem that senior management has turned its attention to the College's IT resources at long last. That's welcome news for those of us around town in the computer biz.