Episode V, in which our hero drops the (Google) bomb.

Persistent readers of What He Said will have noticed my penchant for referring to the computerized behemoth that runs Yukon College as the "execrable system."

That I used precisely the same terminology and hyperlink target over and over and over again was not accidental. I was working on a Google bomb: gradually training the search engine to use my link's text as the official description of the page to which I was linking.

The result?

Execrable System

(Try it yourself.)

Didn't take nearly as long as I would've thought. I also made into the top two on Yahoo! and Windows Live.

It may not last, but I am well and truly chuffed at the moment.

Update, April 14

The execrable system has fallen from the top spot on Google -- my posting actually rates higher -- but it now tops the Yahoo! and Live search results.

Archived Comments

  1. Tim on 20080221.Thursday:
    Brilliant! I salute you.
  2. Dave on 20080221.Thursday:
    Thank-you, thank-you. If enough people click the Google search results link, the folks at SCT will start wondering why the keyword "execrable" has become so closely associated with their execrable product.
  3. Anthony on 20080221.Thursday:
    That is freakin' awesome! Love it!
  4. Dave on 20080222.Friday:
    Upon reflection, I might've preferred another term, but maybe if I keep at it I can get just the word "execrable" to do the same job. By all means, add the same link to your own pages. The more, the merrier when it comes to Google bombing.