Coming home to a surprise bathroom remodelling.

Apparently, March Break gives teachers too much time at home for contemplating renovation. After four whole days off, the tired flower print lining the bathroom fell under Carole's gaze.

But to be honest, once the wallpaper was stripped, it was my idea to pull up the old flooring. Somehow that spread to the complete removal of a wall, the linen closet, and the right side of the vanity.

We've easily halved the distance from the home office to the toilet; they're effectively in the same room. For all you know, this is being written on the potty.

Archived Comments

  1. Fawn on 20080313.Thursday:
    That's just dirty. ;)
  2. Meandering Michael on 20080313.Thursday:
    A combined office and library. Nice!
  3. Mom on 20080417.Thursday:
    Coming home is always chancy.