Technical Support Free Verse

While debugging an errant process in the College's execrable system this afternoon, I found this passage in a technical support bulletin from the manufacturer:

"After step 1 is complete; which the system will not allow you to
accomplish completely; all the TBRAPPL transactions should have a
reapply indicator of Y.  We know this will not be the case in your

It's a fricken' Zen koan: the true completeness is that which is incomplete; that which should be is that which will not be.

Archived Comments

  1. Murray on 20080328.Friday:
    LOL - unfortunately, though, it's seldom clear anymore whether comments like that are Zen, an ESL student writing tech manuals, or part of Bill Gates' master plan to make us all crazy.
  2. Dave on 20080328.Friday:
    Judging by the rest of the support documents, I'm leaning toward a non-English robot's output fed through Google Translate. It is fun to pronounce the 7-letter system identifiers though. I call that one "tuh-BRAP-el". There's also "TIG-ger-feed" and "SPRAY-den", to name just a couple.
  3. Dar on 20080330.Sunday:
    I think you may have invented a new form of poetry for the modern age...
  4. Dave on 20080330.Sunday:
    I think the Taiwanese stereo assembly instructions writers can take credit for that art form.