Malcolm Stigwell, Municipal Assassin

The little bit of non-technical writing that I do tends to be inspired by random odd phrases that strike me as amusing. "Municipal assassin" is one such phrase that still tickles.

I fleshed it out into a very short, non-traditional, "postcard" story for a creative writing course I took last year.

And with that, I present: Malcolm Stigwell, Municipal Assassin.

Archived Comments

  1. Fawn on 20080508.Thursday:
    Hahaha! I'm not sure whether I love or hate that I have to read it twice to really get it, but it sure tickled my funny-bone.
  2. Dave on 20080508.Thursday:
    Thanks. I'm not sure I'm fond of the gotcha endings either, but I figured it was short enough for most to take another go-round.