So how do I go about learning to play this saxophone?

Sweet Saxophone

I was lucky enough to acquire a tenor saxophone -- thanks Mom! -- this summer. So far, I've been squawking away at home only while the neighbours are at work. The bathroom has wicked acoustics.

But now I need to get better at this thing. I was a reasonably good clarinet and sax player back in high school, playing the baritone in our senior swing band for various paid and unpaid gigs, including a ball in the West Block's Confederation Room on Parliament Hill.

But that was a quarter-century ago (OMG!) and in the time since, my embouchure, breath control, fingering, and music reading skills have hit the skids. I'll be looking into the All City Band shortly -- although with trepidation, 'cause I really suck at the moment, but remember being so much better. I'm also heading down to the music store later to look at the bulletin board.

In the meantime, does anyone know of saxophone lessons offered about town, or have suggestions for this fledgling saxophonist?

Archived Comments

  1. Meandering Michael on 20090902.Wednesday:
    The All City Band (junior or senior depending on your level - Bruce or Rebekah can help you decide) is a good start. I'll ask around about the one-on-one lessons.
  2. Dave on 20090902.Wednesday:
    Thanks Michael, I sent the ACB a note to ask. I also got a list of instructors from Unitech.
  3. Brian Hampson on 20090903.Thursday:
    "I was a reasonably good clarinet and sax player back in high school" A debatable statement if I've EVER seen one ;)
  4. Dave on 20090903.Thursday:
    This coming from a high-school french horn player. The same folks with their right hand stuck up where the sun don't shine. I don't trust 'em.
  5. Brian Hampson on 20090908.Tuesday:
    LOL... Hey - I found some ex-hornies on Facebook! Small world.