“CO2 Is Green” No, really. This is an actual campaign in the US.

Words fail me: http://co2isgreen.org/

I first read about it here (Guardian) and here (Mother Jones) and here (Washington Post).

"Higher CO2 levels than we have today would help the earth's ecosystems and would support more plant and animal life."

"More CO2 results in a greener Earth."

OMFG. We're doomed.

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  1. Meandering Michael on 20090929.Tuesday:
    Wow. I saw one last week coming out of the State of Washington that showed a grocery-carrying mother complaining about the tough economic times and how a tax on soda would be unfair to her family because, how on earth will they be able to afford the necessity of carbonated beverages if this tax goes through? Gee, I wonder who paid for that ad...?
  2. Meandering Michael on 20090929.Tuesday:
    Here it is. And it actually seems to have found supporters, which is even scarier.
  3. Dave on 20090929.Tuesday:
    Michael, the links didn't come through for some reason, but I think this is the soda tax video you mentioned. The US Supreme Court may soon decide a case that could do away with limits to corporate campaign donations. If that happens, the CO2 is Green and soda pushers will be able to buy candidates, rather than just TV commercials.
  4. Meandering Michael on 20090929.Tuesday:
    That's the one. And woah.