Explore Prague with astounding spherical panoramic photograph.

I've spent the past hour virtually touring Prague. Much more interesting and seamless than Google Street View: www.360cities.net/prague-18-gigapixels

See if you can spot:

  • smoking dude with lemon drink and little white dog (hint: circle to the east),
  • smiling boy hanging from bars surrounding the ball court (due west),
  • garden oasis above the abandoned and graffiti-splattered tour operator (just past the hanging boy), or
  • sweethearts gamboling through the park (forested park to the north).

Sorry, no prizes for finding any of that, but there is some sort of treasure hunt going on within the photograph.

I love the central courtyard design of housing blocks in Old Europe. Must be noisy though. I wonder if they outlaw elevators to limit the building heights. Shame about the satellite dishes everywhere.