It deserves to be said that not everyone loves Whitehorse.

I was perusing the Whitehorse Craigslist real estate listings the other day and came across a real gem in the housing for rent section.

I must first caution that younger readers or those with a sensitive disposition may wish to skip the following paragraph.

CAD400 whitehorse is a (whitehorse)

"whithehorse is a shit hole , i was up there for a couple of months, how can you people live in such a hell hole... wasteland...and the people wow what a bunch of inbreeds, dumb fucks,,,,, clean up what u people call a city...really thats not a city.....dirty little town ...fuck u dont even have a kfc....hahahaha,,,sad bunch of indians walking around thinking there something speicial........ cheers from vancouver island , the best place on earth."

Leaving aside the matter that this listing omits many of the details one would expect to find in a rental classified -- location, size, appliances -- the brusque and grammatically-liberated language is unlikely to invite many inquiries.

I do agree with the poster in a least one respect: the lack of a functioning KFC is distressing. Doesn't seem to be negatively impacting housing prices though.

Not everyone loves our little city in the valley. Personally, I would prefer bigger trees, more precipitation, and the death penalty for ATV drivers. Come to think of it, Vancouver Island can claim at least two out of those three. Maybe that listing writer was onto something.

Archived Comments

  1. Doug Rutherford on 20100816.Monday:
    It goes without saying that no place appeals to everyone. By my opionion, I can't conceive why anyone would live in Vancouver. Somehow our problems don't quite compare with East Hastings, for example. Anyway, who would actually take an opinion expressed in that fashion as actually having merit?
  2. Dave on 20100817.Tuesday:
    Forget merit. What I want to know is what he was renting for $400 dollars a month.