May pre house the seamy side volitation!!!

Years ago, my brother sent me a flying Astroboy toy from Korea. I never quite figured out what to do with it, but I did look up the instructions online. While cleaning out some old folders this morning, I came across those very instructions:

Of course, Asian folks probably scream with laughter at the instructions we translate for them.

In my opinion, there just aren't enough manuals featuring the phrase "Til the cowcomes home."

Strangely, I never did get Astroboy to fly. Prythee, must've skipped a tatelage somewhere.

Archived Comments

  1. Meandering Michael on 20100823.Monday:
    "Tad disport of time grown man tatelage" just sounds dirty.
  2. Dave on 20100823.Monday:
    What about "bilge dasto"? Even if it's not filthy, it damn well should be.
  3. Stacie on 20100823.Monday:
    OMG that's awesome.
  4. Laurent on 20130128.Monday:
    I shout "Prythee no sport with stingy or play asperity game !" to anyone who gets close to my "Throagh of peril"