“Path”: for some, a difficult concept to grasp.

Should you accompany your dog on a morning constitutional through Whitehorse's new Ingram subdivision, you're bound to come across this scene before long:

"Ode to Committee Planning" by Anonymous. 10m × 2m installation. Sheet metal, concrete, dielectric fluid, asphalt.

Click the image to further magnify the enormity of the error.

Clearly, several landscaping constraints were in conflict during the design phase. That, or there's a new bylaw mandating wheelchair-accessible transformers.

It's also evident that, after the fact, common sense was engaged to solve the wrong problem:

The lay observer may not realize that the green obelisks are aligned to the Equinox Sun.

Are we looking at the future inspiration for a sick skateboarding trick?

If you've not visited Ingram yet, I encourage a drive-through (as your walking route may be obstructed). The subdivision is constructed almost entirely from pavement so that every lot has a back alley access. Here are a couple more dull morning snapshots as enticement.

Ingram East: the ideal spot to grab a latte and people-watch.

Tour the shops, check out a show, it's all here in Ingram West.

Archived Comments

  1. Murray on 20101027.Wednesday:
    Amazing - I wonder why YTG got almost no bids on those lots! What were the people involved thinking? Not only the path - whenever the subject of Ingram comes up, the common comment is something like "would YOU build there?"
  2. Dave on 20101027.Wednesday:
    Whatever you do build, you'll have to hold your breath in order to squeeze through your front door. Some of the lots are pretty tight together.
  3. Geof Harries on 20101027.Wednesday:
    I've driven through Ingram and the lots seem perfectly sized for trailers...and that's about it.
  4. Dave on 20101027.Wednesday:
    But if you prefer the townhouse style, why not go for one of these?
  5. Geof Harries on 20101027.Wednesday:
    Nobody said it has to be a horizontally-oriented trailer, right?
  6. Dave on 20101027.Wednesday:
    I count 9 windows and a door on the side of that thing. What could they be looking at?
  7. Amanda McDonald on 20101030.Saturday:
    Hello there! LOVE the satire with this post. It was Really fun to read (Yes, I meant to capitalize the R in Really because using all capitols is overrated.) I have to say that I haven't gone through the Ingram subdivision yet, but I hoped to. Now i know I won't be able to fit my daughter's stroller through the footpath. :S Thanks for sharing! I laughed my butt off.
  8. Dave on 20101030.Saturday:
    going entirely without capitals is also overrated. e e cummings and k d lang can just go to hell. i prefer the german approach which consists of randomly choosing a part of speech to capitalize. were it up to me, i'd pick articles 'cause there's only two of 'em.