Doubling Down

We all knew it would come. Despite September's snow, we haven't had much winter yet in Whitehorse. We've whispered to ourselves and our close confidants that "if it would just hold at around this temperature, but with a little more snow, we'd enjoy this winter."

Left unspoken: "for once."

But we still all knew it would come. Only perhaps we didn't expect each day to be twice as cold* as the last:

What day of the week is it? Take the base-2 logarithm of the absolute value. No need for Norse Gods and Solar System bodies in this calendar.

*Unless you're measuring in Kelvin, it's not really possible to have one temperature be twice that of another, and it also wouldn't really be possible for a human to survive a doubled Kelvin temperature anyway, but that's a meteorological discussion for another day. Thursday, maybe, since the truck might not start.