A business document format to display my distaste for business documents.

I was working on a business proposal today. The sort of work that inspires within a terrible craving for distraction.

"Aha," I said, startling the dog. "I'll design a new format for my business documents. One that emphasizes my comfort with machines rather than humans. One that confidently shatters the conventions of polite society. And, of course, one that can be generated automagically from plain text."

I succeeded...to the extent that my proposal work was postponed.

A business document that figuratively screams "I do not care to do business in the accepted fashion." When sent electronically, a literal scream is attached in MP3 format.

The sample text is courtesy of the "Far Far Away" option of blindtextgenerator.com.

Archived Comments

  1. YukonDar on 20101126.Friday:
    Page 1 of 7? I'd say you successfully distracted yourself from work... It reminded my of the fake science paper generator http://pdos.csail.mit.edu/scigen/ Hours of distraction, er, fun.
  2. Dave on 20101127.Saturday:
    Well, you need at least seven pages to get a sense of where the story of Blind Text and the Big Oxmox is going.