Why there is still hope for Canadian televised punditry.

All it takes is two photographs. At first glance, which group do you think knows what it's talking about?

Exhibit A: CBC National "At Issue" Panel

Gregg, Hébert (back in the "good" haircut days), Pastor Mansbridge, Coyne, and occasional grandiloquent guest, Popeye Rex.

Exhibit B: Fox & Friends

Fascist Twinkie, Autocrat Twinkie, Reactionary Twinkie, and Parochial Twinkie.

I'll say this for the Yanks, they give good smile.

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  1. Meandering Michael on 20101128.Sunday:
    Post of the year.
  2. Dave on 20101128.Sunday:
    Carole teases me about liking Chantal: "Hey, your girlfriend's on TV!"